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individual Contacts

 Ainsworth                                            800.240.8365                           402.387.2381
Loan Officers
  Mike  Doug Jim 

Michael D. Kreycik
Douglas L. Weiss
Senior Vice President 
 James F. Arens
Vice President/Senior Loan Officer
  Marcus     Ryan  
   Marcus Fairhead
Loan Officer
Ryan C. Richey
Springview Branch
Vice President/Branch Manager


  Jami  Julie  Chelsey 
  Jami Burdick
Julie Priest
Administrative Assistant 
 Chelsey Lane


   Crystal Drew  Codi 
  Crystal Allen
Assistant Cashier 
Drew Klatt
Personal Banker
 Codi Sedlacek
Account Services


  Dawn   Kristen  Kim
  Dawn Cook
Head Teller 
Kristen Johnson
Kim Galas
Head Bookkeeper


 springview                                          800.431.5196                            402.497-3716 
    Branch Contacts
  Ryan  Sue   Vicki
  Ryan C. Richey
Vice President/Branch Manager 
 Sue Swim
Customer Service Representative
Vicki Ferguson
Customer Service Representative

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